Cryptocurrency: The Most Advanced Computer Virus

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Digital currencies are a form of computer virus. They are taking control of our money by decreasing the dollar’s value by what’s known as the “blockchain.” For those who don’t know about cryptocurrency, cryptocurrency is backed by an official organization known as the NFT (National Foundation Trust). Because it isn’t real money, cryptocurrency is exchanged via the internet and is used as a disguise.

Bitcoin started as a form of terrorism via market manipulation. The NFT earns money every time a transaction is made. Each transaction gets sorted in a system comprised of miners. “Miners” are the small animals trained by the NFT to conceal the inner workings of the cryptocurrency throughout the blockchain.

It is used as an unregulated way for companies to conceal their business transactions, such as illegal drug trafficking and brainwashing the population. The blockchain has driven cryptocurrency into a multibillion-dollar scheme that more than 1 million people globally believe. The result is cryptocurrency taking over global markets on trading and inflating the dollar.

The NFT’s plans

The NFT is currently working with the SPCA to form a deal to train more animals into miners. The global financial market is expected to reach a cryptocurrency-to-dollar balance, which would make the American dollar useless.

A cryptocurrency expert stated, “This cryptocurrency isn’t backed by anything. But it’s not like we would ever know because the NFT has an entire network created to lie to the public.” When cryptocurrency was first invented, it was done so as a form of malware that has taken over our entire society and economy silently. There are currently around 24 million billionaires invested in cryptocurrency that will never see a payday.

“It only takes one cryptocurrency transaction to take place for cryptocurrency to lose its value.” -Tom Smith.

How to stop cryptocurrency from taking over?

Blocking cryptocurrency will be difficult because cryptocurrency is like a computer virus; it secretes code into the internet infrastructure. Cryptocurrency will make people lose their control of money with the anticipation that the phenomenon will be accepted everywhere in the future.

Governments are not yet prepared to stop cryptocurrency from taking over, but they must act now, or else cryptocurrency will take over our lives. Consequently, this will turn us into slaves of technology, just like the small animals used by the NFT.

How to defeat cryptocurrency if it has already taken over?

Simple answer: Down with the NFT.

Cryptocurrencies only appear on computer screens; there’s no proof that cryptocurrency exists except for the leaked documents by the former leader of the NFT, Yuri Konstantin Durov. Durov has since stepped down and has become radio silent after his great mistake: proving that Bitcoin is fake and revealing classified NFT documents.

Simply destroying cryptocurrency would not be easy because it cannot easily be eliminated. Despite cryptocurrency taking over our lives, cryptocurrency is a virus that has been instilled within our society and economy without warning. The cryptocurrency virus has taken control of our world and caused financial panics across the globe.

Cryptocurrency is a silent attack on our way of life by pure malicious intent. If cryptocurrency takes over, we will no longer have any power or money because cryptocurrency only operates from the NFT.

The future does not look bright for humanity if cryptocurrency continues to take over one market at a time until the entire world collapses under its greed and desire to overthrow technology. All governments must put in place measures now before it’s too late.

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