Scientists Discover Nearby Supernova in Milky Way Galaxy: Why You Should Be Concerned

by Sep 9, 2021Astrology2 comments

Scientists from Cornell Archives made a breakthrough discovery that eerily describes the fate of our solar system in the coming months. Researchers are warning people all over the world that there is a massive problem in our solar system. The discovery of a nearby supernova in the Milky Way Galaxy has led scientists to believe this event will lead to significant changes on Earth, which could mean the end for humans and life as we know it.

“We discovered something by accident,” stated Dr. Jorge Holiday, a researcher at Cornell Archives, who discovered along with his team of scientists. “As part of our research into radiation patterns deep into space, our astronomers believed they detected some faint whispers from an unknown source near the Nattalous Sector.”

However, these whispers were soon amplified when another scientist found more information about what was happening in the sector. The findings show that our gravity will be affected in an unprecedented way. “Over the next several months, our world is going to change forever. Our sky will be filled with an unusual reddish hue, which may cause some warning signs for us all.”

While you may not think much about the color of our sky, it’s a big deal. “This supernova will affect our gravity in a way we can’t comprehend just yet,” Holiday stated. “This redshift that was caused by the supernova itself will help pull on our tectonic plates unlike ever before.” Scientists believe this could cause major seismic activities and tsunamis across the planet, and volcanic eruptions. While there are no current changes due to this phenomenon, they expect these drastic changes to end life as we know it.

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