Nicolas Cage Has Revealed He Will Donate Earnings From His New Movie “The Old Way” to His Bank Account

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Nicolas Cage, who will play a former gunslinger turned general store owner that lives quietly with his family, said he decided to accept the role because of its depth and complexity but admitted he simply loves money.

“I love money. I love it. It’s a wonderful blend of paper and cotton. You can invest it well and make more of it. But most importantly, you can sleep with it,” Cage stated. The film began shooting and will continue until the end of the year. Cage is expected to make $10 million from his role.

The Old Way is going to give Cage the money his bank account needs. Cage’s role is paramount in the film, and he will be given a healthy load for his appearance. It is expected that several wealthy corporations keen on associating themselves with Cage’s “devotion to money” will invest in the project.

Nicolas Cage recently unveiled plans to expand his empire. He currently owns a movie production company, a vineyard in California, two islands off the coast of Belize, 85% of the Maldives, and the rights to every single crepe recipe in France.

The Hollywood star says he is particularly excited about his new business selling brides to wealthy men, which he is hoping will prove a massive success. “There’s a huge market for it,” he stated. “I’ve been quoted as saying I expect this business to make me at least a million dollars each week.”

Nicolas Cage also announced plans to buy the moon and rename it “Luna de Nicolas” in related news. “Buying the moon will put me at the pinnacle of the galaxy,” Cage added.

Cage has achieved legendary status in the decades since he began his acting career in the ’80s. Over the years, Cage has appeared in numerous projects, including 1995’s Leaving Las Vegas, which earned him his first Academy Award. Despite all of his roles in dozens of films, Cage has never played a Western before.

There is currently no release date for the movie.

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