BREAKING: Chilling New Invasive Frog Species Spotted in North America

by Dec 8, 2020Science1 comment

It’s 2020, and it seems that everything is uncertain. Except we know one thing for sure: this invasive frog, native to Morocco, isn’t something to ignore. The North Moroccan Wallfrog (Gallinago Wantourious) is known for its mammal-like fangs, ability to evolve rapidly, and its tree-knawing properties. Scientists and the public alike are horrified at the effects that these ugly critters may have on North American habitats—including human ones.

Reports from all along the American Midwest have mentioned the invasive frog burrowing in walls, attics, and seeping out of floorboards and electrical sockets. Reports most commonly included the words “slimey” and “freakish.” It seems Twitter users from many different states have spotted the unlikely grin.

Scientist and Michigan native, Dr. Rachel Ramekin couldn’t believe the sighting of the rare species. It turns out she’s not alone.

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