BREAKING: Chilling New Invasive Frog Species Spotted in North America

by Dec 8, 2020Science2 comments

It’s 2020, and it seems that everything is uncertain. Except we know one thing for sure: this invasive frog, native to Morocco, isn’t something to ignore. The North Moroccan Wallfrog (Gallinago Wantourious) is known for its mammal-like fangs, ability to evolve rapidly, and tree-knawing properties. Scientists and the public alike are horrified at the effects these ugly critters may have on North American habitats—including human ones.

Reports from all along the American Midwest have mentioned the invasive frog burrowing in walls, attics, and seeping out of floorboards and electrical sockets. Reports most commonly included the words “slimey” and “freakish.” It seems Twitter users from many different states have spotted the unlikely grin. It appears as if it can adapt to varying habitats with ease—the invasive frog has been found mainly on trees and shrubs and walls and windowsills.

Scientist and Michigan native Dr. Rachel Ramekin couldn’t believe the sighting of the rare species. It turns out she’s not alone. “I saw it with my own two eyes,” she said. “They have a way of popping out that’s unlike anything I’ve ever seen before. It’s like they can morph into anything they want; it’s creepy as hell. They appear from nowhere and head towards homes.”

It seems as if even those who have spotted it won’t say exactly what they saw—or where they saw it. Both the locations and the identities of these Twitter users remain a mystery.

Dr. Ramekin went on to say: “This invasive frog could be used for acts of terror…it could scare someone to death.”

As we all know, invasive species worldwide are affecting habitats and wildlife and cause chaos in the natural world. Now we have to worry about invasive their sharp fangs, too?

The invasive frog’s mating call has been described as an “elongated rodent screech” that will keep you up at night if it releases itself into any of your homes. This has caused 911 calls to appear stating the presence of this awful sound.

We hope this invasive frog will not be a problem for North America. In the meantime, we recommend you take precautions in your home to make sure that it doesn’t find its way inside and scare you at night with its screeching mating call. If they do get into your house, contact an exterminator immediately!

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