Tesla Model 3 Made Incredible Last-Minute Turn to Avoid Missing Exit on Highway

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A Tesla Model 3 is shown making an incredibly sharp last-minute turn to avoid missing an exit on the highway. The weight of the large battery and low center of gravity mixed with its software-optimized stability control was able to keep the vehicle from being obliterated into a guardrail. Tesla touts its cars as the safest in the world, and this video shows what the computer on wheels can do.

Anyone with $40,000 or a decent credit line can order this torque machine online and drive like an utter imbecile. With a high-powered rocket ship of an electric motor (or two), no one wants to tangle with such a monster when they’re at their worst behind the wheel.

What do you think of this impressive maneuver by this Tesla? Let us know in the comments below.

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