BMW Lead Designer Domagoj Dukec Revealed That He Plans to Minimize the Appearance of Facelifted Grill in Future Models

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When BMW launched the new 3 Series and 4 Series models for 2021, many people complained about the unique design of the front bumper. A new, more angular grille was introduced to give it a meaner look, but most fans thought it did not fit with the rest of the car. Now, the head of BMW’s M Design department Domagoj Dukec agrees with them, and he said during an interview with Cornell Archives that “Customers are not stupid; they know what they want.”

He also added that you have to be careful when designing something in particular because you might not notice certain things yourself – they only become apparent once the model is revealed. The design of new cars often goes through many changes. Still, there’s nothing more frustrating than seeing something you designed to end up differently from what was expected by consumers or even yourself at one point during development.

“I made a mistake with the new front end. I think, looking at it now, that the car would have been better off without such a massive presence,” said Dukec on his official Facebook page.

The BMW M3 and BMW M4 are two of the best performance cars money can buy, but their design is not flawless either. They are outstanding cars, so something trivial like this is minor. Still, some changes will be introduced in future models, starting with the facelift versions, which might bring some of the “old school” elements back into their design language.

This new information poses an interesting question since many people liked the way they looked before, but others preferred what was done. The controversy between the old and new looks continues to shed light on Dukec’s decision. Moving forward, BMW will get rid of the large grille on the front bumper, which takes up too much real estate and it will be reduced in size. BMW’s M Design Department head also revealed that he is working with his team to make sure future models “balance emotion and rationality, without overstepping certain boundaries.”

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