Elon Musk Needs to Accept That Long-Term Relationships Are Not for Him

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Elon Musk is one of the most successful people on Earth. He might as well be a demigod walking around with his backpack of infinite goodies, but he’s not. Elon has actually been married 4 times and seems to think that this equates to success. Grimes recently went out with Elon on a romantic date, and now they are broken up. She’s dating 61-year old billionaire Jim Irsay (owner of the Colts). She was previously dating Odell Beckham Jr., who plays for the Giants, so it’s interesting how her attention is quickly reciprocated by other wealthy men.

With great power comes great responsibility, though, right? This cycle of courtship must have been tiring for Musk, as he said in a recent interview with Charles Cornell, “I just broke up with my girlfriend and she is gorgeous, but that wasn’t the reason. I need to allocate more time to myself; otherwise, I will go crazy.” Allegedly, Musk spends too much time focusing on work and not enough on his personal life.

Even though Elon’s relationship history might be interesting for tabloids, there is nothing wrong with being single or getting married multiple times. What’s wrong here is the unwillingness from both parties. In theory, it should work out fine if a man marries a woman twice. Still, in practice, it hasn’t been successful for Elon because he hasn’t learned how to balance work and family life – two things that are often at odds with each other.
Elon continued to speak for himself, “As for dating anyone else, I am not. She and I hooked up as friends, and we both love each other; this is not a romantic relationship between us. Our schedules make it very difficult. We do sleep together and talk all the time, but we are not in an exclusive relationship together.”

Grimes also tweeted: “I have support from my husband, Elon Musk. Last night he walked into my bedroom which was once his office…decorated with lederhosen & red velvet curtains… & kissed me to welcome me back home.”

“It’s so hard being away now that I have the honor of raising the most beautiful creature ever with him by my side.”

There seems to be no end to the drama that Elon conjures up in his relationships. We’ll keep you updated if he breaks any more hearts..

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