Jamie Pull That up Again: What if Chimps Survived the Asteroid 10,000 Years Ago?

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Have you ever wondered if chimps could have survived the asteroid? Joe Rogan did. Joe Rogan asked Jamie to pull up this video again and put it on widescreen so Joe can see what these scientists are saying about an asteroid hitting Earth 10,000 years ago. Joe points out that humans were around back then, and he wonders how we would be different if chimps were too. Chimps might not be extinct like some people think they are!

Jamie responds, “I don’t even know what to say, Joe.” Joe gets excited and wants Jamie to pull that video up again. Let’s just watch it one more time. Joe is interested in chimps because he thinks they might be taking over the planet if humans are gone. Humans have destroyed everything on this plant already! We’re done, man!

Joe asks, “Have you ever seen any studies of primates becoming feral?” He sees a bunch of monkeys running around with no leash or anything right now, so why couldn’t chimps? Can chimpanzees survive without us? Hey, maybe we should protect them, Joe says before telling Jamie about how human beings have killed all kinds of animals but not yet chimpanzees…yet…There goes another tree swinger.

Joe is definitely feeling like chimps are taking over. Joe thinks they might be getting smarter more than us humans because this video of chimpanzees using tools proves it. Joe asks, “Have you ever seen a chimp use a tool?” Of course not, Joe! That’s why these scientists had to make the damn videos for us, Joe says, before watching one final time when some chimpanzee uses two tools simultaneously.

“That guy would RIP your arms out,” stated Rogan. Joe says that these chimpanzees are so much more intelligent than us, Joe.
Joe asks, “Do you think we could have been as smart as them if we had a few million years to evolve?” Joe does not even know what he would do with his time if he lived in the forest and wanted some meat from an animal but didn’t want to kill it first. Joe thinks there is no way that humans today would be able to take down something like a deer Joe because they only eat plants! These chimpanzees don’t need any help taking down animals though Joe points out before laughing at how our ancestors probably killed their food by accident when trying to throw rocks or spears at it…or whatever else they used back then Joe says while Jamie laughs too!

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