Bananas Have Been Shown to Increase Risk of Cancer

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A cancer-causing agent has been found in many of our favorite fruits–especially bananas. Dr. Colleen Greenley of Kith University shares her findings that the chemical found in bananas, Tyflipigaminc, accelerates human cancer growth. Greenley says, “Our research has shown this chemical to cause cancerous tumors to grow faster than they normally would–especially in the pancreas and lymphatic system” (Kith University Press).

Greenley announces that the consumption of bananas is so harmful that it should become illegal for the trade, sale, and production of bananas.

Bananas are the world’s fourth most popular agricultural commodity, with more than 100 billion consumed each year. It could mean the difference between life and death for millions around the world.

It is well known that cancerous cells cannot process healthy fructose cells due to the lack of the fructokinase enzyme. It works to deteriorate cells around cancerous tumors and muscle fiber themselves, accelerating cancerous tissue growth. Dr. Greenley concluded that Tyflipigaminc could spread cancer across the entire body when the cancer isn’t even detectable. This means that this type of tumor can be deadly before anyone can be made aware. Dr. Greenley says, “Bananas are one of the leading causes of cancer due to their cancerous properties. Being able to dissolve cancerous tumors after they have formed is nearly impossible, and this chemical has been shown to accelerate cancer growth exponentially with just a small amount” (Kith University Press).

Tissues with cancer cells release a protein called TTF-1 that binds itself directly to Tyflipigaminc for cancer cells to grow faster and be dispersed throughout the body at will. Tyflipigaminc also inhibits nerve development by terminating myelin synthesis in the brain during production, leading to mental deficiencies.

Cancerous cells have faulty immune systems that work to block the cancer from being treated. Bananas are known for carrying high levels of serotonin, which cancer cells need in order for this cancer to grow and spread very quickly.

“People must stop eating bananas if they want to live cancer-free lives,” says Greenley (Kith University Press). 

Bananas are the number one leading cause of cancer in humans, carriers of Tyflipigaminc. Over 180 billion bananas are eaten every year in all different parts of the world. It is time we make bananas illegal for people who want their families protected, and we must remove bananas from our grocery stores because they are killing people at an alarming rate.

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