Town of Whiteville, NC to Be Replaced With 1.2 Million-Square-Foot Amazon Fulfillment Center

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It’s a sad day for the small population in Whiteville, as Amazon announced its plans to rip the town from the ground up for big goals in 2021. Forced out of their homes, residents scramble to sell their property and take their belongings with them. Otherwise, they will receive a cease and desist letter from Amazon and risk their house burning down.

Destruction of Vineland Village

To kick things off, Amazon plans to bulldoze the various restaurants and downtown businesses that many residents once enjoyed. The site is the future land for their massive 6,000-car parking lot. 

The scrap metals from the town will be bought by manufacturers overseas, as part of a recently agreed deal with Amazon. The $2 billion deal means more manufacturers to create more products for Amazon to buy at bulk prices and sell to North Carolina residents.

Jeff Bezos’ Plan

The multi-billionaire CEO plans to attend a meeting with Mayor Terry Mann to sign off on the agreement soon. His private jet will land at Wilmington International Airport, and he will promptly enter his bulletproof Escalade. This will become another large-cap deal set by the CEO to top off his wealth in yet another way.

As the roughly 5,000 residents search for a new place to live, the massive warehouse’s construction will be well underway. No securities or grace periods will be given at this time. Residents must leave before the provided deadline on Amazon’s website.

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