The Miami Heat Have Returned and Are Looking To Become Contenders Again

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The Miami Heat has returned and is looking to become contenders again. The team has been rebuilding over the last couple of years, and now they’re back on top with a chance at winning their second title in three years. They have an all-star lineup, led by LeBron James, Chris Bosh, Dwyane Wade, Mario Chalmers, and Norris Cole. This talented roster will make any opponent worry about the outcome if they meet up in the playoffs or finals. These guys can win it all this year if everything goes right for them. It will be a tough competition, but I think these guys are ready for anything that comes their way. No one wants to play against them because they know they will get beat.

“We got Miami Heat championship DNA in our guys,” veteran guard Dwyane Wade said. “I feel like when we’re healthy, with the additions that we’ve made, adding one of the top point guards, competing against him for so many years, I can’t wait to have that feeling again.”

The addition of Lowry gives the Heat a premier backcourt playmaker who has played significantly in big moments throughout his career. Putting him alongside D-Wade could create plenty of 4-5 combos where both can pick their spots or run one through consistently.

“Being part of something bigger than myself is what drives me,” Lowry said at his introductory press conference. “When joining this organization, you understand instantaneously that this is bigger than yourself. This is not just an individual sport; this is a team first. That’s the way it’s always been.”

Lowry doesn’t bring much to the table in terms of post offense or shooting for all of his playmaking ability and defensive impact. It might be tough for him to find minutes with Miami if he can’t keep defenses honest from behind the three-point line. Staying healthy will also be a top priority for Miami — no player appeared in more games last season than Lowry (78). Getting him off the injury report would make a world of difference for their second unit.

“The backcourt now has two guys that are terrific passers who see things ahead of time,” Wade said after the game Sunday.

The Miami Heat are back in the NBA Finals with their newcomer Kyle Lowry coming in to make a big difference. This season they have acquired some new players to make them contenders in the league. Dj Tucker and Markieff Morris is coming in with the help of Lebron James. They are also looking for Andre Iguodala, Goran Dragic, Trevor Ariza, Kendrick Nunn, Nemanja Bjelica, and Precious Achiuwa to finish their team. They are still not there yet, but it will be exciting to see how they play this season.

They are still waiting for the pieces to get better when they are not contenders anymore. But it is said that once Dwyane Wade enters in to lead them, they will be back in business again.

Kyle Lowry is leading these players with him on this season of Miami Heat basketball. They need more power in this roster with just having enough knowledge in playing basketball. Dwyane Wade has been known for his experience in playing basketball, but he also needs fresh faces to help make this game exciting and fun.

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