Pikachu’s Adventures in the Forest

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Pikachu has many old Pokemon buddies that he used to hang out in the forest, but they don’t visit him anymore. As Pikachu wonders what happened to them, he meets all sorts of new friends! While walking through the forest one day, Pikachu encounters an old friend struggling alone after being separated from their pack due to becoming a new Pokemon.

Pikachu soon discovers that his old friends are forced to live alone in the forest after being captured by poachers. Pikachu realizes that although some Pokemon are content with living independently, most would rather be part of a pack or family. After rescuing them from the poacher’s traps one by one, they decide to form new groups independently.

This leads Pikachu and his friends to a mysterious castle that seems to be filled with jewels and riches. Some Pokemon are very old friends, while others are new acquaintances that Pikachu has made along his journey. The group is unsure what story led each individual into this castle, but they decide to help them all find their way back home!

After reuniting several groups of family members, they decide that it’s time to form tribes. One tribe comprises the pot-smoking Pokemon, known as “The Pot Junkies.” The other tribe includes a group of misfit Pokemon with no natural home, known as “The Outcasts.”

If you want to continue reading, that’s a shame because I’m finished writing about this for the day. I’m gonna go have a drink.

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