King Croc Searches for the Cure of Autism

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King Croc has been searching for a cure to autism ever since he left the Danny Mullen Regime. He is sick of fame and YouTube and wants to do something that will make a difference in this world. With autism rates skyrocketing, King Croc knows this is his chance to be part of something bigger than himself. In our latest blog post, we share with you what it’s like being autistic from someone who actually lives with it every day!

Dr. Jorge Holiday has recently interviewed King Croc during his hiatus. During the interview, he shared that his autism is part of who he is.

King Croc has seen YouTube grow exponentially since it started in 2005! He knows YouTube can be a powerful tool to help spread awareness about autism and getting rid of hate speech. There are so many great YouTube channels devoted to assisting others to learn more about this terrible disease. King Croc will love to work with you if your medium fits our vision for breaking down barriers around ageism, sexism, homophobia, and especially racism.

Dr. Holiday: What is it like being autistic?

King Croc: It’s a constant struggle. I’ve been bullied my whole life, and YouTube fame isn’t any better.

Dr. Holiday: What do you mean YouTube fame isn’t any better?

King Croc: I’m constantly misunderstood, and people think it’s funny to make fun of autism

Dr. Holiday: How does YouTube fit into all of this?

King Croc: I love YouTube. It has helped me connect to others who are like me and understand what I’m going through.

Dr. Holiday: How can YouTube help you spread autism awareness?

King Croc: There are so many autists out there like me

King Croc abruptly left the room before Dr. Jorge Holiday’s next question left his lips. Regarding Mr. Croc, Dr. Holiday agreed not to include that question in his interview, but we can’t help wondering what it was!

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