Controversial Digimon Spinoff to Air December 2021

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It has been announced recently that the anime Digimon: Battle Spirit will be making a return in December of 2021. The new season is currently called Digimon: Warriors and the show itself was produced by Toei Animation who also produced most of the Digimon series such as Xros Wars and Savers. 

The anime will still keep its action roots but it has been noted that there will be more “Digital Creatures” due to rule changes with how they can battle in this new season. The show will run for 52 episodes, one season in the US. It is unknown if this will be a worldwide format or limited to Japan alone.

The staff of the anime was also released and it includes Hiromi Seki who directed previous Digimon seasons such as Xros Wars and Tag Tamers, which both were well received by fans. The head writer for the series is Yukio Kaizawa and scriptwriters include Junki Takegami and Atsuhiro Tomioka. The art director is Kentaro Akiyama while the characters are designed by Akira Matsushima who has worked on other anime such as Naruto Shippuden and Sailor Moon Crystal Season III.

The upcoming spinoff series will coincide with the theatrical release of DigThere is no other news on how many episodes or what time slot this show will receive in 2021 but we’ll make sure to update you if anything comes up.

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